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n an era where democracy’s value is more pronounced than ever, ensuring maximum participation in the electoral process is crucial. The Central Election Commission (KQZ) of Albania, recognizing the importance of this democratic exercise, embarked on a monumental campaign to inspire voters to participate in the election process. Partnering with Ogilvy, KQZ launched the “Vote for You” campaign. This initiative was not just a call to action but a comprehensive communication strategy to educate, inspire, and mobilize the electorate, leveraging both traditional and modern platforms to reach its audience.


The primary objective of the “Vote for You” campaign was to increase voter turnout by:

  1. Generating awareness about the importance of voting as a democratic right and duty.
  2. Educating voters on the newly introduced electronic voting system to ensure a smooth transition and encourage participation.
  3. Mobilizing the electorate through an emotional appeal, reminding them of their power to influence the future.

Strategy and Execution

Initial Call to Action

Ogilvy’s approach began with a massive wave of national outdoor advertising, utilizing billboards, LED screens, bus stations, and City Light Posters (CLPs) to reach hundreds of thousands of voters daily. This phase aimed to capture attention and sow the seeds of responsibility among the electorate about their pivotal role in democracy.

Educational Support for Electronic Voting

Understanding the potential apprehension and confusion around the newly introduced electronic voting system, Ogilvy implemented a step-by-step educational campaign. This included detailed guides, explainer videos, and interactive sessions aimed at demystifying the process for voters, ensuring they felt confident and ready to participate in this new voting method.

Emotional Engagement and Call to Action

The final thrust of the campaign focused on emotional engagement, leveraging the influence of Nik Xhelilaj, a successful Albanian actor working abroad. By showcasing Xhelilaj’s commitment to returning to Albania to vote, the campaign created a powerful narrative about the importance of each vote and the collective impact it has on the country’s future. This phase aimed to inspire voters by demonstrating the emotional and nationalistic pride associated with participating in the electoral process.


The “Vote for You” campaign was a resounding success, described by the commissioner Mr. Celbashi as “the most effective and upgraded in standards communication campaign ever conducted by the Central Elections Commission.” The multifaceted strategy not only increased awareness and understanding of the electoral process but also significantly boosted voter turnout. The campaign’s impact was felt across the nation, with reports of increased engagement and participation in the electoral process, particularly among first-time and younger voters.


The “Vote for You” campaign by Ogilvy for KQZ stands as a testament to the power of strategic communication in bolstering democracy. By effectively combining traditional advertising with modern digital strategies and an emotional narrative, Ogilvy succeeded in mobilizing the Albanian electorate to participate in the democratic process. This campaign highlights the importance of innovation, education, and emotional connection in engaging citizens to exercise their voting rights, ensuring that democracy is supported and safeguarded from wherever we stand.



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