Nowadays people spend many hours playing online games on smartphones, tablets and TV sets and if they spend all this time and energy to social good, they help the society to become better. So deliver and promote a game which is fun but also aids research into one of the world’s most complex and fastest growing medical problems – Dementia. Dementia is a disease that steals memorable moments people cherish, it prevents the sufferer from sharing them with others. Since Telekom believes in sharing the moments, the role is to protect them.


Telekom is customizing the game Sea Hero Quest that will help the research of the scientists on this condition. The core idea is to make people aware and push them to download and play this mobile game for good. Was such a motivating factor for emotional philanthropist in Albania that by playing the Sea Hero Quest game will help by their choice the research on the Dementia disease and contribute on the creation of the world`s first and most advanced database for dementia research on a scale that has never seen before. The more people play the game, the more hours of research will be generated for Dementia research.


The main objectives were to engage Telekom customers and potential ones through a mobile game, to reach a mass market and also to grow the sympathy and brand image of Telekom in the target audience. So we focused on two main KPIs: “Downloads” and “Broad Awareness”, by reaching both target audience groups. The first were “Emotional Philanthropist”, mainly women who participate actively in the internet and are emotionally engaged in social projects, and the second were “Casual Gamers”, mainly males who play mobile games, are active in social networks and look for fun & entertainment, through a select of media tools.


Following the campaign’s main KPI “Downloads”, the communication messages were mainly focused on Online/Social Media, Popular & Educational TV programs, PR and Influencer Marketing.

– TV Spot was broadcast in programs with wide audience and also in emotional and educative TV programs reaching this way a large part of emotional philanthropist.

– In Online Media the game was promoted in different platforms and networks including here Google, Facebook, Ad-Mob, Airpush, Instagram, Albanian Websites and monitoring them on a daily basis from Adjust, following the tactics that led to the highest performance.

– Telekom SMS Broadcasting (~900K SMS sent in total) pushing customers to download the game.

– Online PR & TV PR activities in the most popular TV Channels and Websites, but also different activities/events were run in Telekom Community Store.

– Influencer’s activities on Social Media such as Facebook & Instagram.


Based on the objectives that were set up, there are achieved valuable results as follows:

– 56K App Downloads, ~ 20 Downloads/1000 Inhabitants, having the highest rate of population downloaded SHQ and being ranked in the 1st position from all other DT markets that had promoted SHQ.

– More than 685K research hours contributed to Dementia researchers.

– 294K sessions played within the Game

– 650K people reached in Social Media

– 35M impressions in Display Ads

– 134K clicks on Display Ads

Uniqueness statement

Referring all achieved results, we consider this campaign with high engagements of the Albanian people, not only downloading and playing this game, but also having an active interaction in their social platforms and creating a good buzz for this campaign. Also we consider that this good vibe generated from this campaign contributed in growing the sympathy and image of Telekom Brand in our country.