Following our What’s Up, Electronic Beats successful opening of a new channel of communication with Youth, we had to move a step forward, give meaning to it and as such invest in our relationship with them. First by helping them identify their common aims, wants and needs, find their common ground and express it.

Our aim was to help Millennials’ voice to be out there, amplifying it by providing them a platform as a means to connect to each other and hopefully support in shaping a Movement of their own, a Movement under the beats or their Era, Electronic Beats.

Thus we needed a connection point, something that everybody could relate to. As a start we came by putting the words, creating our manifesto of our Millennials. Our manifesto was based on their views, thoughts and wants as well as insights coming from what Millennials expressed when asked What’s Up on our introducing Electronic Beats movement Campaign.

Our epicenter… We want to enjoy life to the max though, this is our way to face tomorrow, a tomorrow that we care the most as it is ours and enjoy life to the fullest by building a better tomorrow. In the deployment of the campaign we went further: we offered them the opportunity to be and act as they feel and at the same time support a good cause, by starting building something bigger and investing on a sense of common good in Albanian society.

A full scale deployment campaign creating an open platform of content was designed and set in place.
A mass Manifesto TV campaign launched our message followed by tailor-made content in our Eletronic Beats microsite and owned media channels. In addition, a series of purposeful events came to support our aim to give life to our Movement for good communications.
Furthermore, influencers delivered organically the message throughout making it one of the examples of purpose and participation led marketing under certain pillars and causes of the millennial generation and the community.

As a result, Electronic Beats and Millennials created new stories together and managed to develop stronger bonds confirmed by the double digit growth of Electronic Beats market share in younger audiences.
Main message: Electronic Beats. This is us.

TV Commercial