Shout it out loud!! GI-GA-BY-TE

We all LOVE football! Here in Albania even more than that! It is more than a men’s thing…it is our sport of pride… …we love the moment of scoring a goal …the excitement and thrill of the moment !
And the feeling of winning! FC Bayern Munich, a long partner of Telekom is definitely a winners team …and the most followed team from fans in Albania …
This was the opportunity …

What is best when you can relate your win with your heroes win …the players …
Starting from that we have created a win-win engaging situation ….your heroes score, you win a Gigabyte …1 Bayern goal = 1 GB to its customers.

A TV campaign putting all rhythmically sing “our” goal GI-GA-BYTE and see our hero players supporting our common cause was the call to follow the action !
Social media activations and on the ground “Shoot , score and win” activations in the center of Tirana were in place around the days of Bayerns matches.

The Result , many goals scored , many GB won and disproportional high ROI figures for Telekom Albania.
Let us all shout loud… GI-GA-BY-TE