What’s Up

At the beginning of 2017 we were challenged to upgrade our connection with Millennials. Our approach was to utilize Telekom assets, underpinning our global character and connection with the world and moreover answer to our local challenges. What’s Up campaign was the answer.

Our strategic approach was to build a movement “opening“ the Electronic Beats, the music and lifestyle international platform of Telekom and make it more inclusive and relevant to our audience. The core idea was to open a real conversation with the audience, not dictating and pushing communications and products but create an open channel of expression and understanding millennials’ lifestyle and needs. Then, to present Electronic Beats as a platform of services and products that fulfill those needs.

The campaign was a First in Market. It was ignited first in our Digital channels and followed by TV and other media, making it the first digital to traditional media campaign of such scale in our Market in terms of media launching strategy and content development relation between the two.

Beginning with a series of VOX POPS with millennials going out in the streets and seaside and listening what they have to say… unfiltered and raw… and then a TV commercial that was inspired by their VOX POP stories identifying and giving credit to the “owners“ with a #hashtag. Products and services followed as an answer to Millennials’ expressed wants.

A hero campaign for Telekom that managed to renew our brand positioning achieving at the same time significant ROI results.

Main message: Everything starts with a What’s Up



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