Refreshed Identity of the “Planet Fiber”

Client: Digicom Albania

Services: Brand Identity, Marketing Materials, Advertising and Commercial Production

Refreshed Brand and Launching of new packages of Digicom

Our Challenge: To communicate a futuristic experience that brings the world, real and virtual, right to your home with Digicom. This is not just fast internet, it’s the power that shakes the quietness of your day with limitless possibilities. We want to tell the direct benefits we get in our everyday life from Digicom and go beyond our basic expectations.  The challenge is to tell a story with many messages (100% Fiber Optic, fast download and upload, Nokia Modems and intelligent Wi-fi) in a simple and original way so that the information is not too overwhelming.  Our characters are the ones who have something to say. The ones who actively experience fast internet because they can appreciate it. 


New Year Campaign: We give an approach that considers Digicom as a gift to everyone. Based on the season where people share love and gifts with each other, we bring Digicom as a gift. It enhances connectivity, togetherness and it represents the sharing of love. In the season of holidays where the main message is about love, we want to bring Digicom to a family home that is getting ready to celebrate.  With its fiber optic it makes it easier to share all the love. Its smart and it fills the home. The power of Fiber Optic is there, even though we cannot see it… just like MAGIC.


Online Subscription Campaign: We need fast and easy solutions, that can help us manage our life better… Experience internet to the fullest! The power of Real-Fiber!